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At BMW, we believe that history and compromise cannot be made at the same time. This unflinching philosophy is what enables us to create cars that have pushed boundaries and become icons through the decades.

What started as an aircraft engine producer nearly a century ago has evolved through the years. In the 1920s, we started manufacturing motorcycles. In 1952, the first BMW cars were built in Munich, including the BMW Isetta and the BMW 1500.

And then, in the late '60s, an unassuming little automobile made its U.S. debut that forever changed driving: the BMW 2002. Light, fuel-efficient, and agile like a sports car, it also had four comfortable seats and legroom. The 2002 embodied for Americans an entirely new concept: the sports sedan. And it laid down track that BMW has been running on ever since.

A little less than a decade after the BMW 2002 was introduced to the U.S., a new vehicle of performance and practicality was born, the BMW 3 Series. While the 3 Series remains the benchmark against which all other sedans are measured today, we have continued expanding our models. And, in true BMW fashion, turning traditional aesthetics upside down.

Because we've always been unwilling to compromise, we've managed to build vehicles that thrill drivers. We have the autonomy to stand behind the leading-edge concepts of our designers and engineers. As an independent company, we make sure great ideas live on to become ultimate driving machines.

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